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World Championships 2019 - Preview from K42 2018

The warmup for the 2019 World Mountain Running Long Distance Championships took place during the past weekend.  Get a feel for the event by reading the press review below and get inspired by seeing the photos: 


Cristian Mohamed won his third title in the XVl Salomon K42 Adventure Marathon


Neuquén, november 17. The XVI edition of the Salomon K42 Adventure Marathon, the year before the 2019 World Championship on november 15 and 16, was a total success, with hundreds of runners enjoying the incredibles views of Villa La Angostura, in Neuquén, with a nice weather to run and a lot of people encouraging the runners.

The snowfalls from the days before the race gave a nice framework. White mountains, a little cold -the race started with 7°-, and moments of shining sun complete the journey. For this edition, the organisation made a few changes in the path that added some tecnical difficulties to the runners. At 9 o’ clock they started the climbs of Belvedere and Bayo hills.


Cristian Mohamed made an incredible race. He cross the finish line with his little son Karim, walking the last 150 metres to enjoy the cheer of the people around. The argentinian felt like a real champion last saturday when he won his third Salomon K42 Adventure Marathon.

He had won in 2009 y 2011, and in 2018 he brought back the title to Argentina. In the last six editions, all the winners were from foreign countries: Miguel Angel Heras from Spain, Marco de Gasperi from Italy and Francisco Pinon from Chile, winning the South American Championship last year.

“I run the first six kilometers with Bernard Dematteis,, but we were running too fast. I knew that the real race starts in the Raizal, when we start climbing the Bayo summit. I reserved my energy until that time”, said the man from San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. He crossed the finish line six minutes before the italian.

Both athletes lived an incredible battle: Dematteis was winning the race at the beginning but he had to walk in several parts of the path, and that’s when Mohamed took the leadership until the end.

Dematteis said that he was “expecting to win” but he was happy of the experience in Patagonia. “It's a very good race, with a very long and tecnical descent”. He now wants to come back next year for the World Championship of WMRA supported by IAAF.


Ragna Debats won the women's race at it was expected. The dutch athlete, ultra trail world champion in Penyagolosa Trails, cross the finish line in 4h14m46, in her first experience in Argentina, finishing in 7th place overall. “Mountains to enjoy and a very demanding race. It will be interesting new year”, said Ragna thinking about World Championship.

Second and third place were for to argentinians runners, Yennifer Castro, third place last year in the South American Championship; and Verónica Ramírez, 2016 winner.


Men leadership

1. Cristian Mohamed (Mendoza) 3h39m42
2. Bernard Dematteis (Italia) 3h45m41
3. Esteban Las Peñas (San Juan) 3h54m12

Women leadership

1. Ragna Debats (Holanda) 4h14m46
2. Yennifer Castro (Neuquén) 4h27m25
3. Verónica Ramírez (Esquel) 4h34m31

K15: Italian Martin Dematteis won on Friday

Italian Martín Dematteis won the K15 distance of the Salomonl K42 Adventure Marathon. The race took place on Friday and began at 2 o’ clock with a cloudy sky and a little wind. “It was a technical race but with some running parts. I gave everything so it was very demanding”, said the member of the Italian team which won silver medal on the last World's Championship in Canillo, Andorra.

“I’ve found a lot of people cheering me up when I was near the finish line. This race has incredible views, nice people and a very good organisation”, he said. He decided not to be a part of the 42 kilometers because of a pain in one of his knees.

Víctor Caballero took the second place, becoming the first Argentinian to cross the line. Luciano Pared arrived in third place.

Patricia Isabel Ponce was the first lady finishing the race, in 1h28m05. It was her first time in trail running but she was looking for the South American title in her age group.

María de los Ángeles Pereyra, from Bahía Blanca and a member of the argentinian team, was second and have good words about the new path of the race. “I loved it. It's more difficult but I enjoyed it”. María Belén Sánchez Ruiz, de San Juan, was the third lady.

In 2018, both distances (15k and 42k) were South American Master Championship, supported ASUDAMA (South American Master Association) and CAVRA (Argentinian Master Confederation), with CONSUDATLE (South American Athletics Confederation) and CADA (Argentinian Athletics Confederation) backup.

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Men leadership

1. Martín Dematteis (Italy) 1h09m57
2. Víctor Caballero (Pto Gral San Martín) 1h18m36
3. Luciano Pared (Gualeguay) 1h19m46

Women leadership
1. Patricia Isabel Ponce (Esperanza) 1h28m05
2. María de los Ángeles Pereyra (Bahía Blanca) 1h34m13
3. María Belén Sánchez Ruiz (San Juan) 1h36m01

Photos by: Patagonia Eventos 

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