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Sign up now: Become a volunteer at the W.M.T.R.C. 2023 in Innsbruck-Stubai

Register now to secure one of 500 volunteer spots across 12 exciting fields of application.

SMLSign up nowAround 500 volunteers have the chance to be in the thick of things and get up close to exciting trail running action, to catch a glimpse of what is happening behind the scenes at an international event, to meet new people, gain valuable event management expertise, and to experience what it means to achieve a common goal as part of an enthusiastic team.

If you want to secure one of the 500 volunteer spots at either the  WMTRC or the IATF, you can register on the website and choose between 12 exciting fields of application. Registration is open with immediate effect. In addition to catering, specific training and certificates documenting their efforts, all volunteers will receive a variety of goodies depending on the duration and area of their deployment once the job is done.

Alexander Pittl,  Head of the OC, hits the nail on its head: “Volunteers are the backbone of any major event – without them, a large number of events would not be possible, which is why I would like to express my gratitude and say thanks to all the people willing to lend their support and help make sure the WMTRC 2023 will be a celebration of sports in the heart of the Alps.“
The importance of volunteers doesn’t go unnoticed with the athletes either. Ida-Sophie Hegemann is a WMTRC Innsbruck-Stubai 2023 Ambassador, and she has won the K110 at the IATF 2022. She is convinced that “sports events like the  World Mountain & Trail Running Championships subsist on great and friendly volunteers like the ones I have personally experienced at the Innsbruck Alpine Trailrun Festival. Thank you for everything you do - it is amazing that you are there offering your support!”
Further information on the WMTRC Innsbruck-Stubai 2023: https://www.innsbruck-stubai2023.com/jobsvolunteering/
The World Mountain and Trail Running Championships 2023 will take place in Innsbruck-Stubai from June 6 to 10., with an expected total of 1,400 athletes from 60 nations.
Photo: WMTRC 23/Roast Media

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