Race #1 - Grossglockner Mountain Run

logoDate: 16th July 2018
Race: 12.7km
Altitude Gain: 1494m+
Location:  Heiligenblut, Austria (Germany)
Contact: Julius Rupitsch
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The selective route (12,67 km) of the famous Grossglockner Mountain Run leads through all alpine vegetation sections.

After the start in Heiligenblut the run follows the river Möll.

After passing the alpine mountain huts a first highlight is the famous Briccius chapel.

After passing the "Trogalm" the athletes enter the area of the Nationalpark Hohe Tauern.

The "Pasterze", the longest glacier in the Eastern Alps is the next highlight.

The final climb of 900 meters challenges the competitors, but the stunning Grossglockner view, and the cheering crowd at the finish lines excuse anything. The total elevation gain is 1.494 meters.

The Grossglockner Mountain Race is limited to 1.200 participants.

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