Arrangements for future events

Bids for staging the 2002 and 2003 European Mountain Running Championships should be submitted to the EAA on the following timescale:

Notify the EAA of your intention to bid before 15th April 2002. You should then be sent the formal EAA bid document for completion. The bid document should be returned to the EAA by 15th June.

The reason for taking bids for two years this summer is to ‘,catch up’, with the EAA requirement that bids should be received two years before the date of the event. No doubt the EAA will be making a formal statement on this matter. This notice is by way of letting visitors to our mountain running web site have some forewarning.

The 2002 Masters (previously Veterans) WMRC will be staged in Innsbruck (Austria) on Saturday September 21st following the World Trophy in the same city the previous weekend.

As many of you will be aware, the original intention was for this competition to be organised by Kitzbuhel (Austria). After months of trying to obtain agreement for the conduct of the event by the signing of the 'contract of agreement' by the Kitzbuhel authorities, we were informed by the Mayor of Kitzbuhel that they would not sign the agreement. Our attempts to discover reasons (conducted by our council member in Austria, Roland Herzog) and come to another agreement had no success.

Therefore on 30th January, with the need for a settlement becoming urgent, we received confirmation that Innsbruck were prepared to stage the event, using the World Trophy organisation, and that they agreed with the contract. WMRA council members were consulted and agreed unanimously to a change of venue. A few days after receiving the signed contract from Innsbruck we also received one from Kitzbuhel, but clearly too late. WMRA abides by the agreement with Innsbruck and we can now look forward to course proposals (uphill only!) and other necessary details. These will be posted on a web page and in other places in the near future.