20163wcwomen.jpgThe 28th International Schlickeralmlauf on July 31st 2016 in Telfes in the Stubai Valley is the third stage of the WMRA World Cup race series this year. 

The Schlickeralmlauf in Telfes in the Stubai Valley manifests its importance as an International mountain running event. 
On 31st of July 2016 the run will – once again – be an official stop on the Mountain Running World Cup tour. 
Around the climax on Sunday, the Telfer Wiesen Run, the children runs and the charity run will again take place the day before, on 30th of July 2016.

gp22016winners.jpgAntonella Confortola (ITA) and Petro Mamu (ERI) are the winners of the 18th Grintovec Mountain Running race, the second stage of the Mountain Running World Cup 2016. 

Both were on the top of the list of the favourites already before the start of the race.  
Sunny summer conditions were friendly to the organizer and hundreds of spectators who came to encourage more than 200 runners. 
Especially in the upper part of the curse, the atmosphere was incredible and runners were extra motivated to run to the limits of their power.

wckrkocok.jpgAfter the EAA and NACAC Mountain Running Championships, more than 200 runners from 12 countries have entered the 18th edition of The Grintovec Mountain running race, the second stage of 2016 Mountain Running World Cup, which will be held on Sunday 24th July in Kamnik, Slovenia.

The course is a true mountain course, taking the normal trail from the Kamniska Valley (602m) to the Grintovec summit (2558m). 
Almost 2000m elevation gain in less than 10km; recreational hikers need over six hours to reach the summit and another six to get back. 
Course record holders are Jonathan Wyatt and Anna Pichrtova (1:15:43 and 1:31:50 respectively, both in 2006) and it seems that those records will last for a long time.
"Medal table of 13. NACAC Mountain Running Championships saw USA as leader with 5 medals (2 gold and 3 silver) in front of hosting Country Mexico with 4 medals (2 gold and 2 bronze) and Canada with 3 medals (1 silver and 2 bronze).
The venue for the 13th NACAC Mountain Running Championships offered a challenging nine-kilometer course, which ascended over rocky and craggy terrain to the summit of Cerro Gordo in Jalisco, Mexico.
The starting elevation was approximately 2100 meters while the finish line reached just over 2600 meters."
"The 13th annual NACAC Mountain Running Championships will be held in Tepatitlá,n, Jalisco, Mexico on Sunday, July 10. ,
Athletes from Canada and the USA will begin to arrive at the international airport in Guadalajara on Friday, July 8, for the 74 kilometer drive to the race venue. ,
The opening ceremony will be held for the event on Saturday evening with the competition getting underway at 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. ,
The start line is at an elevation of 2,031 meters and the course descends to a high point of 2,542 meters at the finish line some 9.15 kilometers away on this mostly uphill course.  ,
This is the fifth time Mexico has hosted the event having previously staged the championships in 2006, 2008, 2011, and 2014. ,
Canada hosted the championships in 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2015, while the U.S. hosted every other year.
"Italian team won 3 gold, 6 silver and 1 bronze, and so in total 10 medals at the 15th European Mountain Running Championships. ,
Five Nations were able to send their athletes on the podium and Great Britain and Northern Ireland was second in medal table with 5 medals (2 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze).  ,
Then Turkey that gained 4 medals (2 gold and 2 bronze) and Czech Rep. with also 4 medals (1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze). ,
Finally, France won 1 bronze. ,
With an excellent organisation by LOC of Arco, supported by FIDAL, and under direction of EAA, four wonderful races were held with four different nations that won the individual title.
"The Trentino is a wonderful place for hosting mountain running and next 15th European Mountain Running Championships 2016 staged at Arco on next 2nd July 2016 will be a really challenging course.
This kind of event come back Italy after the 2nd edition of the EAA European Mountain Running Championships held in the town of Trento on 2003.
EAA staged officially European Championships starting on 2002, but before under patronage of WMRA were run for seven following years (starting since 1995) an annual edition of European Championships and for this reason it is the third time totally the Italy host the event, because in 1998 Sestrieres organized the fourth edition of this competition."
"Czech Barbora Havlickova won gold medal at 11th Youth International Cup in the girls race, making happy all the spectators, and also, of course, Czech Athletics Federation, LOC and Autorithies at Jaske Lazne.
Turkish Ahmet Alkanoglu took gold medal in the boys race, dominated by Turkish runners with six Turkish finished in the first seven position! ,
Poland and Turkey was gold medallist in team girls and team boys category.
Turkey was first in the medal table of the competition with a total of 7 medals (2 gold, 4 silver and 1 bronze), second in the medal table Czech Rep and Poland with 1 gold each but great satisfation also for Italy that kept 3 bronze medals. ,
Wonderful edition with 55 girls and 65 boys started representing 16 Nations.
"A few days remain to Saturday's start of the 11th International Mountain Running Youth Cup and organisers of TJ Maratonstav reports readiness.  ,
After additional application of Turkey there will be participate 16 countries: Bulgaria, Czech, England, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey and Wales.
In total at the start line there will be 55 girls and 65 boys.
"It was a bright and sunny morning for the start of the 13th World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) Long Distance Mountain Running Championships in Podbrdo, Slovenia today.
Italy won medal table with 5 medals (3 gold, 2 silver) in front of Great Britain and N. I. with 3 medals (1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze). ,
Took medals also Slovenia with 3 medals (1 silver and 2 bronze) and Germany with 1 medal (1 bronze). ,
From the 8:00 a.m. start until the first finisher crossed the line, there were numerous position changes and developing strategies throughout the challenging 42-kilometer race.