WMRA President Jonathan Wyatt (NZL) recently travelled to Lanzada in the Valmalenco valley in northern Italy

The site of the 13th WMRA Mountain Running International Youth Cup (U18) slated for Saturday, June 16.

Wyatt serves as the technical delegate for the event and in this role, previewed the course with representatives from the LOC.

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Press statement by WMRA president Jonathan Wyatt (NZL):

"The WMRA is pleased to present the World Mountain Running Cup in 2018 with 5 races.
It represents a change of direction for us in some important respects.
We started with the goal to try to bring more athletes together on the races so reducing the number of events and really concentrating on these to invest in them with more promotion was a strong desire of the World Cup Management team from the WMRA."

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One of the initiatives put forth by the WMRA Council at the January 2018 meeting, was to form an Athletes’ Commission. The purpose of the Commission is two-fold: to ensure that the Council of the WMRA is able to benefit from the perspective and expertise of past and current international athletes in its deliberations and decision making; and to provide international athletes with a formal mechanism for ensuring that their views on important matters are heard by the WMRA Council.

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