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Henri Aimonod (Ita) is the 2019 winner of PizTriVertiKal in 34.50 with one of the smartest races ever.  In only the final 15meters he was able to overtake Filimon Abraham (Eri) who lead the race till that point.  The Italian was helped by an amazing crowd who supported and cheered him all over the course.  Abraham started fast and he dueled with European champ Jacob Adkin (Gbr) .  Abraham at the end was second in 35.00 while Adkin clocked in 35.27 to secure third place.  Fourth place went to Patrick Facchini (Ita) in 35.57 as second italian while Timothy Kirui (Ken) completed the  top 5 in 36.31.

Aimonod still surprised about his result : ”I can’t believe about my victory but it is true. I did my race without following the leaders and coming up relaxed and really smart.  Eritrean and Adkin went out very fast and i didnt follow them. In the second part, feeling better, i went up faster and faster and in the toughest part of the course supported by an incredible crowd.  i caught Abraham and got my first big important victory of my career.”


SATURDAY , AUGUST 3RD , 2019: In the Womens race Andrea Mayr (Aut) won the PizTriVertiKal in Malonno with an outstanding race realizing again a new course record in 37.20 improving her former best by around 50sec. A duel from the start with Valentina Belotti (Ita) and then alone for Mayr feeling her best shape on a course now she really knows well.  Belotti placed second at the finish line in 39.55, her new best on her home course (She lives in Malonno) and Heidi Davies (Gbr) in 41.38. To understand better the magnificent of the women results it is remarkable to say Andrea Mayr caught 7th place overall while Belotti took 16th.

Primitive Niyirora (Rwa) clocked fourth place in 42.27 and mountainrunning rising star Alessia Scaini (Ita) closed out the top 5 in 42.34

A very happy Andrea Mayr after the race  said, β€I was confident about myself today, Valentina made a hard race at the beginning but then i went away. I was sure about the gap that was increasing while listening to people cheering or stopping.  I decided only in the last days to come to Malonno while busy with my university specialization in orthopedic. Competing in Malonno is absolutely amazing and every year i come really happy."

PHOTOS (credit corsainmontagna.it )



1. Henry Aymonod (Corrintime) ITA – 34’50”

2. Filimon Abraham (LG Festina Rupertwinkel) ERI – 35’00”

3. Jacob Adkin (Keswic AC – Salomon) GBR – 35’27”

4. Patrick Facchini (S.A. Valchiese) ITA – 35’57”

5. Timothy Kirui (Run2gether) KEN – 36’31”

6. Luca Cagnati (Atl. Valli Bergamasche Leffe) ITA – 36’47”

7. Andrew Douglas (Inverclyde AC – Hoka) GBR – 37’28”

8. Joseph Dugdale (Cumberland Fell Runners) GBR – 38’09”

9. Primien Manifrasha (Dolomiti Belluno) RWA – 38’40”

10. Francis Njoroge Maina (Run2gether) KEN – 38’43”


1. Andrea Mayr (SVS Schwechat) AUT – 37’20”

2. Valentina Belotti (Atl. Alta Valtellina) ITA – 39’55”

3. Heidi Davies (Inov8) GBR – 41’38”

4. Primitive Niyirora (G.S. Orecchiella Garfagnana) RWA – 42’27”

5. Alessia Scaini (Atletica Saluzzo) ITA – 42’34”

6. Mojca Koligar (Hoka One One – KGT Papez) SLO – 42’38”

7. Sarah McCormack (Ambleside AC) IRL – 43’16”

8. Corinna Ghirardi (U.S. Malonno) ITA – 46’04”

9. Sabrina Grogan (University of Canterbury) NZL – 46’58”

10. Sophie Noon (Cumberland Fell Runners) GBR – 49’08”

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Historical edition for FlettaTRAIL where Cesare Maestri clocked incredible new course record in 1h25’26” going 18 seconds under former one of Petro Mamu. Simpson and Abraham started fast uphill but Maestri, not so stronger as them in tougher course, controlled his pace without losing much time to recover along downhill.


By knowing the course, italian Maestri ran race smart and, at 15k overtook two leaders in technical section doing an outstanding show. Simpson, tried to close the gap in last kilometers but Maestri, despite a beginning of cramps, went for a fantastic triumph in Malonno.

After the race Maestri explained his feeling about competition:


β€œWinning today under course record is something unbelievable. I knew the course so I was really focused on the race and my tactic. In uphill I knew others were stronger and so I kept the pace controlled to not lose too much and then improving. In middle part, where to push, I closed a little over the leaders and then, along downhill, reached them and immediately overtaken. In last kilometers I had some cramps but I kept hard defending my leadership from Simpson’s coming back, so so happy.”


Astonishing duel for italian with Robbie Simpson (GBR) who clocked 1h25’37” going under former course record and showing good shape for coming races:


β€œI enjoyed the race very much . I felt really really good in the uphill being in the lead further and further and so thinking can have chance to aim for victory. I gave my best also in downhill but Maestri overtakes me at 15k in the technical section where it is not my best. I tried to catch him in last kilometers but was impossible close the gap. I was disappointed about my race in Zermatt and went to training camp to improve my shape: today I am really satisfied and ready for SierreZinal. Happy to be in Malonno finally and appreciated so much all the race, the crowd and an amazing course.”


Filimon Abraham (ERI) was third in 1h26’23” over Timothy Kirui (KEN), fourth in 1h27’24”. Remarkable fifth position for Andrew Douglas (GBR) current leader of WMRA WorldCup.


Impossible to worry Heidi Davies (GBR) who leaded the race very early to improve her gap along course and gaining victory in Malonno in 1h41’25” second ever fastest time in FlettaTRAIL. Super smiling Davies explained her competition:

”Race was very very tough but I was able to push all the race so really pleased about my result. My aim was to push hard in uphill and maintain during downhill. I love run in Malonno where the crowd supports me so much and where I feel really at home”.


Elisa Sortini (ITA) clocked 1h45’34” to place in second position overtaking Sarah McCormack (IRL) in 1h45’55”. Lucia Marsanova (CZ) and Primitive Niyirora (RWA) completed top5 today .

Very high elite field today in Malonno with exciting races: FlettaTrail is becoming year by year one of the iconic mountainrunning races.

 PHOTO credit corsainmontagna.it




1. Cesare Maestri (Atl. Valli Bergamasche Leffe) ITA – 1h25’26” NEW RECORD

2. Robbie Simpson (Nike Trail Team) GBR – 1h25’37”

3. Filimon Abraham (LG Festina Rupertwinkel) ERI – 1h26’23”

4. Timothy Kirui (Run2gether) KEN – 1h27’24”

5. Andrew Douglas (Inverclyde Ac – Hoka One One) GBR – 1h27’43”

6. Primien Manifrasha (Dolomiti Belluno) RWA – 1h28’35”

7. Bernard Dematteis (Corrintime) ITA – 1h31’17”

8. Robert Surum Panini (Run2gether) KEN – 1h32’05”

9. Alberto Vender (S.A. Valchiese) ITA – 1h32’57”

10. Luca Cagnati (Atl. Valli Bergamasche Leffe) ITA – 1h33’57”


1. Heidi Davies (Inov8) GBR – 1h41’25”

2. Elisa Sortini (Atl. Alta Valtellina) ITA – 1h45’34”

3. Sarah McCormack (Ambleside AC) IRL – 1h45’55”

4. Lucie Marsanova (Mizuno) CZ – 1h47’36”

5. Primitive Niyirora (G.S. Orecchiella) RWA – 1h47’38”

6. Mojca Koligar (Hoka One One/KGT Papez) SLO – 1h47’43”

7. Stefania Cotti Cottini (G.P. Pellegrinelli) ITA – 1h54’13”

8. Emma Clayton (Salomon UK) GBR – 1h54’29”

9. Sabrina Grogan (University of Canterbury) NZL – 1h55’21”

10. Ana Nanu (Atl. Rimini Nord) ROM - 1h57’20”


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