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Working to host the U18 Cup in Ambleside, England 2020

The World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) has received interest from the beautiful lake district town of Ambleside located in the north of the UK.  Their bid depends on securing the financial support necessary to make these events possible.  There is local strong support from former under 18 years old (U18) participants that have moved on to success in senior races suchs World class Mountain and Marathoner Robbie Simpson and former Mountain runner and now the Worlds top triathelete Alistair Brownlee.  Both had their success motivated by their participation in the International Mountain Running U18 Cup (formerly Youth Cup).

U18 2020

The difficulites faced to stage quality events is a challenge that the WMRA is facing in the new technological age that while making the sport more global also brings further complications in terms of costs.  The costs of complying and safety is also increasing for the events and so the WMRA is working on ways to help and encourage event organisers.

Bringing good quality Mountain Running Championship events to fruition and the unique challenges that Mountain Events have is a feature of this related story from the IAAF here.  

We encourage people to contact the event organisers to show their support via the event website below and they would be very interested to hear from people who could contribute to the event by way of sponsorship.

Ambleside U18 Website


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