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Spain To Debut In 2019 WMRA World Championships At K42 Patagonia

This article preview was written by Sergio Garasa Mayayo (Spain). Sergio's full article including interview with Juan Carlos Granados (RFEA Trail Running Team) can be found here IN ENGLISH and IN SPANISH.


Spanish national team is set to make its debut at the 2019 WMRA World Mountain Running Championships in K42 Patagonia. The RFEA TRAIL RUNNING team will compete for its first time in the TWO official World Championships supported by IAAF. In June the Spanish team will run in the 5th edition of the Trail World Championships organized by IAU and ITRA in Portugal. For the first time ever, they will also compete in November at the World Mountain Running Championships in Patagonia (Argentina) with two distances 15 km and Marathon.

About IAAF's Trail World Championships (TWC) and World Mountain Running Championship unification coming in 2021: The World Mountain Running Association (WMRA) held in 2018 in Poland (Long Distance) and Andorra (Classic/Short Distance) two annual World Mountain Running Championship events. In 2019 both these events will be held in K42 La Angostura with 15 km and 42 km races.

Also in 2019, Portugal will host in Trihos dos Abutres the Trail World Championships (TWC) for ultra distance trail running (44 km). This event is an IAU competition organized in conjunction with ITRA. In 2021 both championships will be unified (WMRA+ITRA+IAU) and called the “IAAF World Mountain and Trail Running Championships”. Let´s kick-off with the World Mountain Running Championships 2019 teaser video and move on to a transcription of the interview by Mayayo to Juan Carlos Granados as RFEA trail manager.

Read the full article IN ENGLISH or IN SPANISH.

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