Save the date: June 2, 2018 - 18th WMRA/WMA Master World Mountain Running Championships


1km to goIn October, WMRA delegate Wolfgang Münzel traveled to Zelezniki, Slovenia, for a site visit to the venue for the 2018 World Masters Championships. Together with Brane Cencic, who will serve as the race director, and WMRA Secretary Tomo Sarf, Münzel checked the course as well as other logistics including the opening ceremony location, and athlete lodging options.

The route was designed to include amazing and spectacular mountain landscape for the runners to enjoy. Two courses have been confirmed with the following parameters:

  • Men 35-50: 10,8 km; elevation gain: +1180m; Start at 450m
  • Men 55-75 + all women: 7,2 km; elevation gain +870 m, Start at 770m above the sea level
  • finish: 1640 m above sea level (Ratitovec summit)

The opening and closing ceremonies will be held in front of the Sport Hall in Zelezniki, with the information center located inside the hall. There is ample accommodation in the villages nearby.

Race day will be Saturday 2nd June. Date for the entries is 21st May 2018. Later entries will be accepted, but with a higher entry fee. We look forward to a professionally organized event at the World Championships in Slovenia to highlight the masters’ season.

300m to go

Details and photos provided by Wolfgang Münzel and Tomo Sarf for the WMRA


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