Another important step for the future of the mountain race: a new WMRA webpage

2017councilAfter the end of more than 20 years of my activity inside WMRA, before as Secretary (12 years) and then as President (8 years), I am very happy that thanks to the collaboration of many people starting from WMRA Councillors and the leaders of many athletics federations in the world, the mountain race has made great strides by becoming a well-known and well-trained athletics discipline.
World Championships Senior, Junior and Master, International Youth Cup plus World Cup Circuit and many Area or Zone Championships are yearly events very important.
My personal fear is that in the future the mountain race will lose its identity and its features and be confused with other activities: I hope really that this will not happen!!!
Important is the correct information about mountain running for the future but it is also necessary to save the history of mountain running, starting from the results of the past events.
These goals are possible through a good webpage. These are the reasons why during 2017, before election to renovate the WMRA Council that will be held at the end of July, a new webpage was prepared and acted.

WMRA took this opportunity to thank chilimedia in Olten (Switzerland) and, in particular, Nick Russi for having prepared and acted this new webpage.
It seems that there are not many differences between this new webpage and the old one, but it seems wrong!
In fact the structure of the back Is totally changed: now is modern and good for 2020 period! An it is asdapted to the use with mobile phones and tablets which becomes more and more important regarding the use of websites,
This means that is easier the publication of information, pictures, video and so on. This I very important.
Then this instrument is ready to be used easier, but also often. Question is to find a good journalist or fan of press who can work daily or at least weekly for informing people about WMRA activity in the future …
I hope that next situation in the world athletics make it possible!!!
Really I hope that also this enforce will be useful for mountain running and in particular for next WMRA President and all the WMRA Council members!


Edited from Bruno Gozzelino for the WMRA

Source of the pictures (Nancy Hobbs - WMRA):
on front page:
- WMRA Council meeting - Montecarlo february 2017;


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