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'Know And Trust What Works For You' - Interview with Sarah Tunstall

We spoke to Sarah Tunstall, GB mountain runner who bases herself in France for periods throughout the season. Sarah has had considerable success on the mountain running circuit over more than a decade. She finished 3rd in the European Championships back in 2008 and, more recently, has finished 2nd and 3rd at the World Championships and won the World Cup. In 2019 she won Grossglockner and Drei Zinnen. However, despite achieving great success over a number of years she has suffered from injuries which have forced her to rethink her approach to training. Here she tells us what she's learned from her setbacks and how she's found the right balance.


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I am Proud To Be A Part Of The Mountain Running Family - Fujio Miyachi

I am Proud To Be A Part Of The Mountain Running Family: An Interview With Fujio Miyachi

In the latest of our interviews with the members of the WMRA Athletes' Commission we speak to Fujio Miyachi, a Japanese athlete who is incredibly passionate about growing the sport of mountain running in Asia. He wasn't one of those athletes who discover a great talent at a young age, but he was determined to improve. He talks about how mountain running has enriched his life and he wants others to experience that. 

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Let it be said that when things were at their worst..

 Let it be said that when things were at their worst, we were at our best

With the current COVID-19 crisis having such an effect on races and runners worldwide we wanted to reach out to athletes in different countries to see how they were affected and how they were coping with the situation. Many athletes in the worst affected countries, such as Italy and Spain, are very limited in being able to run, whereas for others the key restrictions are a lack of group training and obviously a lack of races.

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The World of Mountain Running mourns Raimondo Balicco

 It is sad news to report on behalf of the Italian athletics family and the World Mountain Running Association family that today saw the passing of Raimondo Balicco, 18 March 2020.

Raimondo was working since before the beginning of our organisation for the Mountain Running movement and was a founding member of the ICMR on 29th of September 1984 that would later became the WMRA. It was Raimondo who was the Technical Committee member for the ICMR and he became a Council member for the WMRA from 1985 until 2013. Following his retirement from the WMRA he was made a WMRA Honorary member.

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You Can Be Good In The Hills And On The Flat: Interview With Zak Hanna

We're learning a bit more about the athletes on the WMRA athletes' commission at the moment. We spoke to Irish runner Zak Hanna, who finished 6th in the 2019 World Cup despite, incredibly, only having taken up running at the end of 2015. He's a very exciting young talent and it will be great to see how he continues to progress in the sport in 2020 and beyond. 


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